TTT-System PCA 5: Complete rewrite with massive improvements

The TTT-System PCA (formerly known as WinPCA) Version 5 was completely rewritten starting with Version 4, with massive improvements and additions. The user experience has hugely improved and will improve in the future. With your help we will offer you the analysis tool we all deserve.

New "Tribo Evaluate" View in Version 5

The major improvement of Version 5 is the new Tribo Evaluate view. This view has an integrated version of the table that includes the Fields of Load for better and easier spotting of the relevant measurements (a series of cuts with the exact same parameters). Torque of several fixed points (depth 6 mm, 9 mm etc.) are visually shown for easier comparison. So it is easy to see which cut performed better in the particular section, even if the absolute torque values are close to each other. NEW: The Fields of Load can now be used for 20mm (Lubricant-Industry) and 12mm (Tap-Manufactorer) depth! (Project Settings → Graph and Segments).


See all Improvements: TTT-System PCA 5 New Features as PDF